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To the attention of students, preparing for exams, competitions and concerts and for young pianists at the beginning of the professional career!

«Happy and enthusiastic people learn more easily and efficiently!»
You are a unique personality, and I can help you to reveal your talent as pianist in all its naturalness and originality! No need to imitate someone, trying to catch up with others – the ability to connect with the your own spirit, own energy and to discover your own unique creative potential – this is the main task of each artist!
If you´d like to enjoy preparing for contests, exams and concerts, live and work in the flow of music, energy, technically freedom and expanded creative horizons, then you read these words not by chance. 2019 will become decisive and pivotal role for your development.


Weimar Intensive Piano Courses (WIPC) – a unique project created for a powerful immersion in the knowledge of the great masters of the past according to my special method, created on the basis of Russian and German piano schools, musical phenomenology of S. Celibidachi, knowledge of human energy from Chinese metaphysics. The results of this holistic methodology were tested and used in further development by young pianists from 20 countries of the world (reviews below).

My name is Elena Nesterenko. I am a concert pianist and for many years a teacher at the High School of Music and Theater in Munich. My achievements:
• more than 700 concerts in different countries of Europe, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, China in large and small concert halls, with solo recitals, with symphonic and chamber orchestras and chamber music with such outstanding partners as Adrian Brendel, Anna Gourari, Alissa Margulis, Alexander Buzlov, Nils Mönkemeyer and other wonderful colleagues
• 7 CDs of more than 30,000 copies
• 30 years of teaching experience with pianists from 8 till 45 years old professional level (including 12 years of teaching at the High School of Music in Munich)
• founder of the Weimar Intensive Piano Courses
• founder of the International Festival of Fine Arts with Orchestra in Kostroma/Russia.


Give a man a fish,
And you feed him for one day.
Teach this person to fish,
And you feed him for the whole life!
(Chinese proverb)



The goals of the 5-day intensive course “Transformation of mastery”:

to develop musical thinking “from the whole to the details” and a clear understanding of musical structures

to strengthen faith in the own abilities as a musician

to develop minimal, economical hand- and body movements for maximum sound results

to establish a straight and free posture, to relax the tight muscles, to prevent any occupational diseases and to increase the flexible mastery of the whole technical apparatus

to develop the skill of right working on the solid finger technique – strong, light and instantly reacting of fingers is the basis for any kind of technique!

to see music as a whole concept in the score, to translate musical signs and agogics symbols into energy impulses

to master the main energetic exercises and to be “in the flow”

to give impulses for figurative thinking, which allows to speed up the process of studying works.

According to statistics all over the world, about 90% of musicians have occupational diseases. The names of outstanding musicians suffering from occupational hand diseases are known: S. Rachmaninov, A. Toscanini, S. Taneyev, G. Neuhaus, A. Scriabin and others. From the professional illness of musicians, Robert Schumann suffered terribly, which made him stop playing the piano and focus on writing music.

As you know, it is easier to prevent diseases with the help of prevention and the formation of a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle, than to treat in laborious ways, often without result – after all, a broken cup cannot always be glued together again …

My authoring system allows to prevent 100% of all these terrible consequences of illiterate behavior behind the instrument, as well as to use the best achievements of integrated development, including, in addition to deep knowledge of the musical language, physical culture, energy knowledge from the treasury of Chinese medicine (over 5000 years) for relaxation, enjoyment life and energy boost! This complex gives you powerful results in achievement of the higher mastery without harmful side effects, gives him/her a chance to become more free and relaxed person, strengthens confidence in yourself and in your talent!

Here are some testimonials from participants in intensive courses in Weimar:

Prapawarin Wipasstharitsakul (Mother of Plub)
«Thanks a lot to Elena for these 10 days hard working with Plub. 🙏 The transformation is incredible!! ⭐️ He could not made it without your guidance. Great teacher! 👍🏻 And see you soon!! 😄😊💕 @ Weimar, Germany»

Natalia Kremenets (mothers of Anastasia Barabanova): “… Each piece of music that was being worked on acquired a slender structure… The language that every composer speaks has become closer and clearer. Elena’s approach to each student is individual and deep. In each student she sees a big and bright personality, an unique person. A child feels how “the wings grow” and difficult work seems easy and brings joy! Elena enjoys music and enjoys to give her to other. This is something that cannot be studied from books. You learn this only through live and direct communication! ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cceU_pGdRk

Richard He, Amsterdam (October 2017)
„After staying only a week with Elena Nesterenko for the course, there have been quite some remarkable results with my piano playing and musicianship that were achieved during these very intense days. I have discovered new ways of approaching the instrument and expanded my knowledge on how to solve various technical and musical problems. Also, my understanding of how composers put their notes on the sheet music has been deeper, which is totally essential if we want to conceive the greatest of the emotional content in the music.
Not only have I been taught in the subject of piano playing, but also many other important matters which can make our practice, studies and performances easier. For instance, I have always been a perfectionist, which might be a positive attribute in some situations, but I have learned that striving for perfection can also make you blind. I never realized before that so much unnecessary tension in our playing are actually caused by simply thinking too much.
Elena Nesterenko has made my piano more natural and more convincing. After all, what we all musicians try to do is to bring the best out of the music we play. I immediately started to study with new approaches and with a new mindset. I will use all the knowledge I have gained during the course to be a more healthy musician – both to myself and to the music. Thank you!“

Caesar Yuwono, Amsterdam (Mai 2017)
„… I feel in the period of only 1 week I can understand completely what is the meaning of playing free and the benefits of it, my thinking towards music and piano playing changed so much, so many of my questions that I had previously answered. I completely understand the essentials of music making. And also, to play the main melodies or lines as the main priority, composition, what composers meant by writing something, the flow of music, listening perspective of a listener, movements, intensity and many many more. I actually feel studying in Weimar bringing me closer to how Great Pianists play. And after that, I feel that playing piano is easier that I used to think and because I play freely without physical tense. And I enjoy my music more and feel, this is the music that I want to make!“

Mark Delicata (father of Daphne Delicata) April 2018:
„Elena Nesterenko is a very professional and excellent pianist and teacher….her method of teaching is incredibly effective and instils confidence and enjoyment in playing….hence the best results are achieved in a shorter time frame.“

Heesoo Jang (Südkorea), March – Mai 2017 :
„In 3 months of studing with Elena Nesterenko I learned more than in 6 years of studing in Italy!“

Ching Tseng (Taiwan), September 2017:
„Elena, just wanted to tell you that today I restarted to like to practice!! Enjoyed very much and I finally found out that actually after so many years I still love the music! Thanks very much for your „magic“!

Dominik Cambeis (after the 2d course) March 2018:
„It were 3 days of study with Elena Nesterenko, the second time that I came to her Piano Intensive Course in Weimar, to improve my piano playing. Starting with a very tensed body, playing with a lot of effort and a rather poor result, being nervous for every small detail, and thinking all about rules in my mind, it was not a pleasurable experience to play the piano. The teaching method helped me open up all of my „installed“ blockades in my body, my ears, my sense of spaciousness, and most importantly my individuality. It can be compared to the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Although the journey is not over, I am already very happy of what has changed so far and I am grateful to have worked with Ms. Nesterenko to make it possible.“

Ana Sostar (February 2018) «I want to thank again wonderful pianist and person Elena Nesterenko for showing me how to completely let myself go and play music without ego, to feel and not to make. I think it is most valuable gift a teacher could give to his student. Thank you, I hope I never forget it!» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8z8Q15-mH0


For all questions of accommodation, individual course selection, free dates from October to December 2019. Contact me in personal message or by email: elena.nesterenko@web.de


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