The piano art of Elena Nesterenko absorbed the best traditions of Russian and German performing schools. Captivating expressiveness, the depth of penetration into the very core of composer’s emotional content, huge range of subtlest nuances, a brilliant musical energy, the beautifully deliniated phrasing, the richness of the color palette, combined with flawless technique and refined virtuosity: all these characterize Elena Nesterenko’s playing.

“… The audience experienced quite a memorable evening, especially thanks to the wonderful Elena Nesterenko at the piano. Her magical performance at the piano absolutely enthralled the audience. She appeared as the great interpreter of Wagner’s
music and received a well-deserved love of the public … Overture to Tannhauser was met with an overwhelming enthusiasm… (2014 Schwerter newspaper)

“Compared to many pianists who tried my Second Piano sonata, I find your interpretation the closest to my own perception of that piece!” (Rodion Shchedrin)

“You have the great heart and gold hands with the superb technique” (a leading music critic Munich Joachim Kaiser).

“One can rarely hear such a colorful performance of “Death of Isolde” piano transcription. Your beautiful tremolos fascinated me the most. “(Radu Lupu).

Elena was born in Moscow in a family of engineers and mathematicians. The first 10 years of her life were devoted to the intensive instruction in figure skating. Soon a Candidate master of sports, Elena was dreaming about the career of an Olympic
Champion. Listening to Elena’s early childhood singing, however, parents were convinced that their daughter is also gifted musically. Soon, parents took Elena to take piano lessons at the local music school. A few years later, Elena could not imagine living her life without music.

In 1985, Elena entered the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music Academy in the studio of O.A.Pavlova. It was Pavlova, who instilled in lena’s heart a deep love for classical music and laid the solid foundation for her later technical vituosity. Upon graduating with honors from the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music Academy in 1989, Elena entered the Moscow State Tschaikowsky Conservatory in the studio of Eugene Mogilevsky, and then transferred to the studio of Professor Elena Richter – both great musicians who studies with the legendary Heinrich Neuhaus. After her brilliant graduation from the Moscow State Conservatory in 1995, Elena received the top prize at the International Piano Competition in the Italian city of Mazzarò del Vallo and entered the post-graduate studies in Groningen (The Netherlands) with Professor A.B.Makarov-Goldfeder. In Groningen, Elena indulged herself into a tireless search for unconventional interpretation solutions, “beautiful overtones”, and the rich sound palette at the piano.

“… A rich palette of touch and nuances along with stunningly expressive cantilena enchanted the audience … The ultimate climax of the evening was the Overture to Tannhauser… In conclusion, almost 3-hour sold-out concert was performed” Death of Isolde. “Here, once again let the pianist in the course of all the registers of her talent.” (2013, Giessen Classifieds)

Graduating the Groningen Conservatory in 1997, Elena Nesterenko received the Honorary Diploma with a stipend from the Andrea Elkebrancht Fond to continue her further graduate studies abroad. So was able to fulfill the dream of a young pianist – gain valuable knowledge from the representative of the famous German piano highschool, in the traditions of the outstanding William Kempf, to study in the studio of the brilliant pianist Prof. Gerhard Oppitz. Studying with Prof. Oppitz, Elena learned impeccable sense of style in the works of Viennese classics, fine pedaling, as well as the scope and understanding of the musical structure.

In 1998, Elena completed her post-graduate studies in Munich and received the Master of Arts diploma. Same year, Elena was offered a teaching position in this world-renowned music institution.

“… Elena Nesterenko able to play Liszt like a Genius, and filled to the pride of the F. Liszt himself” (2011, Borbeck News)

Elena Nesterenko’s debut CD, containing works by F.Liszt (Sonata in B minor), A. Scriabin (Sonata №2 op.19) and Shostakovich (Prelude and Fugue in D minor op.87)immediately attracted the attention of well-known musicians. Some quotes of the reviews by them:

“Her (Elena’s) recording of Liszt’s B Minor sonata can only be compared with such greats as Arrau, Curzon, Richter and Gilels …” (Gerhard Oppitz)

“Elena is a very serious musician” (Alfred Brendel after a joint listening Liszt Sonata with R. Söll, Artistic Director of the largest concert series in Regensburg, Mannheim, Essen and Berlin)

“Your interpretation is very deep and fulfilling” (Gregory Sokolov in a letter about this disc)

Performance engagements to the famous festivals and prestigious concert halls of Europe has followed.

Here are just the most important concert Highlights Elena performed in 1998-2007 :

Oosterport Groningen (Netherlands) (1998), Hypoklavierzykus – Concert tour in Berlin Munich and Prague (2001), Theatre in Arcore / Italy (2002), Herkulessaal in München Residenz (2003), The International Festival “51. European Week “in Passau (2003, 2007), Odeonconcerte “Regensburg (2004), “Meisterkonzerte” Wetzlar (2001, 2007), “Meisterkonzerte” in Weiden (2005), Regensburg with the Philharmonic Orchestra (2005), touring concerts in 2005 with Peter Sadlo, Klaus Schwätzler and Anna Gourari, festivals in Schwetzingen, at the Beethoven Festival in Bonn, in the Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, in the great Hall in Merano (Italy). In 2006, appearances with Stefan Schilling and Yves Savary in München and “Russian Culture Days” festival in Reimlingen, a concert tour in 2006 with a solo Piano Programms in Saarbrucken, Frankfurt, München, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart.

A few months after her 2007 recording of the Bavarian Radio presentation “Forgotten motives” cycle Op.38 by N. Medtner, Elena gave a birth to her daughter – Eleonore. A happy mom, Elena stopped her intense concert activity for 3 years.

Since 2010, Elena Nesterenko returned to the concert stage, still refusing, however, to embark on a long concert tours and focusing their attention mainly on concerts in Germany. Same year, Elena came up with an idea to organize a summer music festival. She decided to do so, choosing the great location the vicinity of Regensburg on the river Regen, in picturesque places in Bavaria. Entitled “Classics at Regen” , the festival was accepted with great enthusiasm by critics and the audience of the entire region. In the first season of the festival Elena Nesterenko appeared with Nils Mönkemeyer, Siegfried Mauser and Minget quartet, and other great musicians.

“… The memorable evening of classic music, which innagurated Elena Nesterenko’s festival” Classics at Regen “, was the finest hour of chamber music ever…” (2010, MZ)

“… The final concert of the festival Classics at Regen took place in Wolfgang Hall. The concert featured the performance quartets of P.Ruzhichki” Echo-Recording Award Winning Minget Quartet. Together with the Artistic Director of the festival, Elena Nesterenko, Minget Quartet also performed Piano Quintet Op.44 Robert Schumann. A perfect ensemble from start to finish, Elena Nesterenko and the quartet shaped this monumental work steadily and with deep, yet subtle lyricism. The joy of creating the wonderful interpretaion of the great pieces gave listeners the finest hour of music satisfaction. “(2010, MZ)

The 2011 festival edition featured more great concerts by Elena Nesterenko with outstanding Stefan Schilling, Victoria aunzner and Lutz Görner well as world famous musicians: Matthias Kirschnereit, Adrian Brendel, and Anna Serova.

From 2011 to 2014, Elena Nesterenko had several performances with the Oscar-winning actor, Maximilian Schell, as well as performances with the Chamber Orchestras of Regensburg and Josef Suck Orchestra in Prague. Additionally, Elena has performed more than 150 concerts related to the “The Universe of F.Liszt”, as well as concert tour throughout Germany wiin colalboration with the famous German lecturer and orator, Lutz Görner.

“… The musical evening was fullfilled thanks to the great playing of the pianist Elena Nesterenko. Her interpretation of Chopin’s works has combined freshness, virtuosity with captivating expressiveness and depth … Lutz Görner found a perfect partner (Elena Nesterenko) for such a magnificent presentation: Mazurkas, polonaises, nocturnes by Chopin as if unified spiritually with Elena Nesterenko superb performances. Despite the voice of Görner, Elena Nesterenko proceeded with quiet confidence and ease only the great virtuoso can possess…”(2014, Lüdenscheids News)

Elena Nesterenko appeared frequently of the Classic Channel 4 of Bavarian Radio and Television, the Moscow Radio 1 as well as on the Russian television, and on the Italian RAI and Dutch radio and television networks.

Elena gave masterclasses in Arcore / Italy (2002), Groningen (Netherlands) (2004), the European Centre in South Korea (2004), Moscow / Russia (2006), 2003-2011, and again from 2014 annually Walderbach / Germany, at Tallinn’s Alion Baltic International Music Festival (2014).

In April of 2015, Elena Nesterenko is scheduled to perform with the Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Murad Annamamedov (first concert of Tchaikovsky), and Kostroma Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Paul Gerstein (R.Shchedrin The first Piano Concerto). A frequent guest at the music festivals and international Masterclasses, Elena Nesterenko is invited to the Central Music School of the Moscow State Conservatory (April 2015), Alion baltic International Music Festival in Tallinn (July of 2015) and Walderbach (August 2015).

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